Africa Rising Music Conference Schedule

ARMC BY DAY 1 – 27 May 2024



09.30 – 10.00 Welcome to ARMC: Performance By Namakau Star

Namakau Star delivers the opening performance to open the conference on a high!

Namakau Star – Artist, Program Lead at ARMC, Communications Lead at Paradise Africa
Ms Party
– DJ

10.00 – 10.40 Women Leading Music Culture

Creating a culture that brings social change into the music industry and the music business. Making sure that craft is at the epicentre of this change.

Mamthug – DJ, Sonic Curator at Mamthug
Coco Brown – DJ
Tumi Mthembu – Managing Director at Envision Brand

Tsholo Rabotsho – Founder of TR Concepts


10.50 – 11.30 Rights & Revenues Unpacked

In the intricate world of music rights, revenues, and recognition technology our expert panel aims to provide clarity on these essential structures within the music industry and provide insights on ways we can contribute and benefit from understanding them. Discover how these components intersect to shape artists’ earning potential and influence the industry’s landscape. Whether you’re an artist, songwriter, or industry professional, come sit with us and gain meaningful insights to navigate the complexities of the modern music business.

Thando Nyameni – Managing Director at KUMISA
Harold de Groot – CEO at SoundAware BV
Fabian Niggemeier – CEO, Mint Digital Services AG

Frank Rodi – Consultant, AlphaTheta/KUVO

11.40 – 12.20 Girl in the Mirror: Re.Flexion

Given the ladies’ remarkable contributions and expertise in the music industry, particularly in the context of advocating for female voices and representation, we believe they would be an invaluable addition to the panel. The overarching theme of the conference, “30 Years of Democracy,” presents a significant opportunity for us to reflect on the evolution of music over the past three decades in South Africa. The panel discussion will delve into how music has evolved within the framework of democracy, focusing on the steps made by female artists and industry professionals.
Furthermore, as part of Basadi In Music Awards initiative, we will be exploring the theme for 2024, “Girl in the Mirror – Re.flexion,” which emphasizes introspection and empowerment within the music industry.

PJ Powers – Artist
Dr Linah Ebony Ngcobo – Pastor at God’s Pearl Ministries
Mamontha Motaung – Business Manager at Lesedi FM and Motsweding FM
Hloni Modise – CEO and Founder of Basadi In Music Awards

Antos Stella – CEO at Music Arena

14.00 – 14.40 From your FYP (For you page) to Your Music Library

Dive into the fascinating world where TikTok trends meet your music library. Explore the magic behind the scenes as creators and musicians unravel how viral moments on your FYP find their way into your daily jams. Don’t miss this insightful panel decoding the intricate connection between digital culture and musical discovery!

Yoann G. Chapalain – Head of Francophone Africa, Label Manager and A&R at AFRICORI/ Warner 
– Musician & Entreprenuer
Oscar Sibonginkosi Mdlongwa (Oskido)
– Musician, Producer and Entrepreneur 
– Artist

Niquita Joseph – Music Promotions Manager at TikTok, METAPSA

14.50 – 15.30 The DSP, Artist and Label Interconnection!

This panel offers a profound exploration of the evolving dynamics between artists and labels in their pursuit of independence and success. Led by industry leaders, delve into collaborative strategies that empower artists while harnessing the resources and expertise of labels and DSPs. Discover how transparent and equitable partnerships can bridge the gap between artistic freedom and commercial viability, paving the way for innovation and sustainability in the music industry.

Phodii – Amapiano Curator at Beatport
DJ Buhle – DJ and Founder of Bezulu Records World Wide
Sir LSG – Producer, DJ, Director at Bread4Soul

Sarah Jane Nicholson – Founder of ARMC, Managing Director at Paradise Africa

15.40 – 16.20 Meet the team: Trace

Meet the team: Trace, where we invite you to connect directly with the minds behind Trace. This unique session is designed to forge a deeper understanding and connection between the Trace community and its creators. Whether you’re a long-time follower or newly curious about what Trace has to offer, this panel promises insights, stories, and a behind-the-scenes look into the passion that drives the Trace team.

Lelo Motsoane – Marketing Manager at Trace
Nomvula Sibeko – Head of Programming at Trace
Vangile Msimang – Head of Content & Multimedia Design at Trace
Naledi Diphaha – Digital Manager at Trace
Sibongile Tshabalala – Programs and Talent Scheduler at Trace
Jessica Dos Santos – Channel Programmer at Trace
Valentine Gaudin-Muteba – Managing Director at Trace Southern & Lusophone Africa

LulaOdiba – Host at YFM and Channel O

16.30 – 17.10 South Africa’s Boutique & Major Festival Scene

Step into the vibrant world of South Africa’s festival scene with industry leaders from Cotton Fest and Rocking the Daisies. Explore the dynamic landscape of boutique and major festivals, uncovering the essence of music, culture, and community. Join us for an enriching panel discussion shedding light on the pulse of festival culture in South Africa.

Alain Ferrier – Creative Director at Cotton Fest and Beanstalk 
Brad Holmes
– Managing Director at Bassline Fest
– DJ, Sonic Curator at Mamthug
Dale De Ruig – Managing Director at Steyn Entertainment

Delta The Leo – Artist


All workshops will take place at AMPD studios which is a walking distance away from the main venue (JK Theatre).

Tickets & Registration required for access. Space is limited to 25 people. Registration will open soon.

12.00 – 14.00 Start From Scratch (AlphaTheta – Beginner Workshop)

Embark on your DJ journey with “From Scratch,” a workshop designed exclusively for beginner DJs by AlphaTheta. Learn the fundamentals of mixing, beatmatching, and crafting seamless transitions from scratch. Get hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment and kickstart your DJ career with confidence!

Bridges For Music

14.30 – 15.30 Build the Beat (Drumming Workshop)

Dive into the rhythmic world of drumming with our drum workshop led by Dominic McNabb and Sami van Hasselt, brought to you by Yamaha. Experience a dynamic session celebrating cultural exchange and musical unity. Dom and Sami will share their drumming journeys, covering essential techniques and concepts with interactive demonstrations. The workshop concludes with an electrifying live performance, promising an immersive musical journey. Don’t miss this session, where two drummers from around the world come together to build bridges and teach you the art of drumming. Unlock your rhythmic potential and be inspired!

Sami van Hasselt – Drummer, Songwriter
Dominic Mcnabb
– Drummer, Yamaha Ambassador


16.30 – 17.30 Mastering Ableton Live 12

Join us for an immersive workshop led by music producer and Ableton Live expert Emile Hoogenhout, as he unveils the secrets of harnessing the full potential of Ableton Live 12. In this session, participants will embark on a deep dive into the groundbreaking features and innovative tools of Ableton Live 12. Through hands-on demonstrations and interactive tutorials, attendees will learn advanced techniques for music production, composition, and performance using this cutting-edge software. From crafting intricate beats and melodies to manipulating audio and exploring live performance capabilities, Emile will guide participants through a range of practical exercises designed to enhance their proficiency and unleash their creativity. Whether you’re a novice looking to explore the possibilities of Ableton Live or an experienced user seeking to refine your skills, this workshop offers something for everyone.

Emile Hoogenhout – Ableton Certified Trainer



Only accessible for 15x, first come first serve.

14.00 – 14.40 Addy Awofisayo’s Visionary Leadership at YouTube

Join us for a riveting panel featuring Addy Awofisayo, YouTube’s Head of Music for Sub-Saharan Africa, as she delves into her transformative journey in the digital content landscape. From navigating career pivots and spearheading the Africa Day Concert to launching YouTube Music in Nigeria and fostering partnerships to nurture emerging talent, Awofisayo’s work embodies her commitment to amplifying African voices globally. This keynote will explore her strategies for supporting local creators, her impact on the African creative economy, and her insights on the role of digital platforms in shaping the future of music and storytelling across the continent. Engage in a thought-provoking discussion on how digital innovation is crafting new opportunities for artists and creators in Africa, reflecting on the successes of initiatives like the YouTube Creator Bootcamp and the Black Voices Fund in Africa.

Addy Awofisayo – Head of Music Sub-Saharan Africa at YouTube

Namakau Star – Artist, Program Lead at ARMC, Communications Lead at Paradise Africa


Only accessible with a VIP ticket.

15.00 – 16.00 Beyond Taboos

In a world where societal norms and taboos often dictate discussions around sexuality, this panel seeks to challenge conventional narratives by exploring the transformative power of music and representation. Through a dynamic discussion featuring artists, activists, and industry insiders, attendees will delve into how music serves as a catalyst for reshaping perceptions, breaking barriers, and fostering inclusivity within the realm of sexuality.
From subverting stereotypes to amplifying marginalized voices, panelists will share personal experiences and insights on how they navigate the intersection of music and sexuality to drive social change. Through thought-provoking dialogue and engaging anecdotes, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the role that music plays in challenging societal norms, promoting diversity, and empowering individuals to embrace their authentic selves.

Miss Pammie – Artist
Siyosindiswa Mlengana
– New Business Development Researcher at SAMRO
Dumezizweni Mabizela
– Producer and Presenter at Boston Broadcasts

Reggie Rasodi – Director at Haus of 67

ARMC BY DAY 2 – 28th May 2024



10.00 – 10.40 African Sounds Without Borders

As international recognition for African music mounts, so does the interweaving of diverse African music industries. While cross-continental collaboration is on the rise, there is still much work to be done in the way of establishing lasting market crossover and fostering genuine appreciation across diverse African music scenes. In response, “Bridging the Gap” brings together leading music professionals whose work is deeply cross-continental in nature, exploring how best to cultivate lasting ties across Africa’s many music industries. The discussion will be far-reaching: not only encouraging artists, but also industry professionals, consumers, and entire music scenes to work towards a more unified African music ecosystem.

George (AKA Geobek) – Founder and Managing Director at Geobek Entertainment
Temi Adeniji – Managing Director at Warner Music Africa

Blossom Maduafokwa – Programs Manager at African Music Library

10.50 – 11.30 Sealand Presents: Sustainable and Impactful Branding Strategies

Join us for a thought-provoking panel discussion hosted by Sealand at the Africa Rising Music Conference. In this session, we will explore the intersection of sustainability and branding within the music industry, focusing on how impactful branding strategies can empower music communities while promoting sustainability practices. Our esteemed speakers, Jasper Eales and Maps Maponyane, will share their insights, experiences, and innovative approaches to integrating sustainability into branding initiatives. From fostering eco-conscious consumer behaviors to building socially responsible brands, this panel aims to inspire attendees to harness the power of branding as a force for positive change within the music ecosystem. Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into the dynamic relationship between sustainability and branding in music with our expert panelists at the Africa Rising Music Conference!

Jasper Eales – Chief Creative Officer at Sealand Gear
Maps Maponyane – TV Presenter and Actor

Kim Jayde – Head of PR & Marketing of Steyn Entertainment 

11.40 – 12.20 I’m with the Brand!

For the innovators, movers, and shakers: get ready to take your brand to the next level with a masterclass from Vega, the leading brand communications institution. Rethink how you communicate your art, business, and personality with the world! Gain firsthand information directly from the man behind South Africa’s leading music festival, Rocking the Daisies. Don’t miss this panel!

Ivan Mkhomazi – Lecturer and Ph.D Candidate at Vega School
D.O. Gibson
– President at Northstarr Entertainment Inc
Jess Wheeler – Marketing Director, Nando’s South Africa
Leanne Morais – Senior Manager, MTN

Sarah Jane Nicholson – Founder of ARMC, Managing Director at Paradise Africa

12.30 – 13.10 Ballantines Presents ”Staying True to the Music“

Join us for a dynamic panel powered by Ballantine’s True Music Fund, highlighting the importance of authenticity in music culture. Featuring voices from movements and organizations supported by the fund, this discussion explores the vital link between culture curators, creators, and backers. Discover why preserving musical integrity is essential in shaping a more inclusive and vibrant future.

Big Boy T – DJ and Co-Founder of Femmes and Thems
Dope Saint Jude – Rapper and Singer-Songwriter

Namakau Star – Artist, Program Lead at ARMC, Communications Lead at Paradise Africa

14.00 – 14.40 Hits with Heritage and History

Explore the vibrant intersection of heritage and modern music in our panel, ‘Tracing Roots in Modern and Popular Music.’ Join us as we delve into how today’s music scene is deeply rooted in cultural heritage, serving as both a reflection of our past and a celebration of our diverse identities. Discover how artists draw inspiration from traditional rhythms, instruments, and storytelling techniques, preserving and reinventing cultural narratives through melody and lyrics. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion on the enduring influence of heritage in shaping the soundscape of contemporary music.

Gloria Gift Nankunda – Artist, CEO and Founder of Gisha Productions
Busiswa Gqulu – Artist, Director at Majesty Music Entertainment (Pty)Ltd
Nicky Blumenfeld
– Music specialist, Radio Host, DJ at Kaya959
Thandi Ntuli
– Arist, Owner of Ndlela Music Company (Pty) Ltd

Zothani Vilakazi – Arts Development Officer at National Arts Council of South Africa

14.50 – 15.30 Hype Hub: Decoding the Pulse of African Hip Hop

Join us for an insightful panel discussion at the Hype Magazine Hub as we delve into the vibrant world of African hip hop. From its roots to its current evolution, we’ll explore the unique beats, rhythms, and lyrical narratives that define African hip hop culture. Our panel of experts, including artists, producers, and industry insiders, will dissect the trends, influences, and innovations shaping the African hip hop scene. Whether you’re an enthusiast, artist, or industry professional, this session promises to provide valuable insights into the heartbeat of African hip hop. Don’t miss out on decoding the pulse of African hip hop at the Hype Hub!

Lesiba Manga – Editor at Hype Magazine
Yalezo Njuguna
– Creative Director at Enraptured Odyssey
Lebogang Kgothadi
– Founder and CEO of 2704 Creative House 
– Afrobeats DJ

Lolwetu Pakati – Fashion Editor at Panorama Media Corp

16.00 – 16.40 Tastemakers and Trailblazers: UK Spotlight

Be a part of an unparalleled discussion as we dive deep into the heart of the UK music scene. This panel discussion features a lineup of speakers from art collectives, musicians, and leading industry executives who have contributed significantly to art and creativity within the UK and on a global stage. This panel will delve deep into the anatomy of the UK music industry, offering insider perspectives on its current state, the opportunities it presents for upcoming and established artists alike, and the challenges that come with navigating it. Our speakers will share their journeys, dissecting how they’ve managed to make their marks in their respective genres while navigating industry perceptions and leveraging initiatives designed to amplify artistic contributions.

KEYAH/BLU – Artist
Camilla George
– Musician at Jazz Re:freshed
Rita Kamale
– Artist

Kwame Kwaten – Managing Director at Ferocious Talent


All workshops will take place at AMPD studios which is a walking distance away from the main venue (JK Theatre).

Tickets & Registration required for access. Space is limited to 25 people. Registration will open soon.

12.00 – 14.00 Start From Scratch (AlphaTheta – Intermediate Workshop)

Get ready to amplify your skills behind the decks with AlphaTheta presenting an intensive intermediate DJ workshop. Delve into advanced mixing techniques, master equipment features, and refine your performance prowess. Elevate your DJ journey with expert guidance and hands-on practice!

Bridges For Music

14.30 – 15.30 All You Need To Know with SAMRO

Get to know SAMRO in this comprehensive workshop. From understanding royalties to navigating licensing, delve into all you need to know about the South African Music Rights Organization. Get ready to empower your musical journey with invaluable insights!

Karabo Senna – GM of Sales and Licensing, SAMRO
Chola Makgamathe – GM of Legal Services, SAMRO
Lesego Maforah – CSI and Special Projects Manager, SAMRO
Nandipha Mrwetyana – CSI, Special Projects Coordinator/Music Archivist

15.30 – 16.30 Let’s Tok Music: Mastering Music Basics on TikTok

Join the Let’s Tok Music workshop with the TikTok music team, who will be sharing best practices for promoting your music on TikTok. The workshop will delve deeper into using the latest music features on the platform, how to engage your fanbase in an authentic way, how to increase audience engagement with your music on TikTok, and how to convert that engagement to streams.

Yuvir Pillay – Artist Partnerships Lead, TikTok

17.00 – 18.00 Ableton Presents – Push Your Live Set ft. Namakau Star

Embark on a journey into the realm of live electronic music production with our workshop, “Developing your live set with Ableton PUSH.” Led by music producer and Ableton Live expert, Emile Hoogenhout, this interactive session offers participants a hands-on exploration of the innovative capabilities of the Ableton Push controller. Throughout the workshop, attendees will be guided through a series of engaging demonstrations and step-by-step tutorials, designed to unleash their creative potential and enhance their live performances. Participants will acquire essential skills and techniques to elevate their stage presence and artistic expression. Beyond skill-building, this workshop serves as a platform for showcasing ingenuity and innovation in live music performance. Join us as we embark on a transformative journey to unlock the boundless possibilities of live electronic sets with the Ableton Push. Together, let’s push the boundaries of creativity and captivate audiences worldwide.

Emile Hoogenhout – Ableton Certified Trainer
Namakau Star – Artist, Program Lead at ARMC, Communications Lead at Paradise Africa


Only accessible with a VIP ticket.

15.00 – 16.00 Meet The PRO’s: Media, Bookers, Labels, PR Agents

Looking to connect with agents, bookers, and festival organizers in the music industry? Join us for our “Meet The PRO’S: Media, Bookers, Labels, PR Agents”. This is a unique opportunity to make valuable industry connections and discuss potential collaborations. Don’t miss out on the chance to take your career to the next level.


Pablo Mark Lundall – Co-Founder / Managing Director, OFF Centre
Guy Herman – OFF Centre
Munya  Chanesta – Managing Directo Publishing, Empire Records
Valentine Gaudin-Muteba – Managing Director Trace Southern & Lusophone Africa, Trace
Kim Jayde – Head of PR & Marketing, Steyn Entertainment 
Justin Mckenzie – Co Founder, Jazz Refreshed
Nicky Blumenfeld – Radio Host, DJ, Kaya959
Tsholo Rabotsho – Founder, TR Concepts
LulaOdiba – Radio Host, YFM/Chanel O
Temi Adeniji – Managing Director,Warner Music Africa
Nosisi Ngakane –  General Manager, AMOD Studios
Lesiba Manga – Editor, Hyped Mag
Sibonelo Mathenjwa – Founder/Owner, Xpressed Records
Sizo Hlophe – Coordinator,  Momentual



Only accessible for 15x, first come first serve.

15.30 – 17.00 In The Lab with Blue Lab Beats

Join us at this year’s inspiring workshop led by the acclaimed UK duo, Blue Lab Beats. They will dive deep into their genre-defying fusion of jazz, hip-hop and electronic sounds, showcasing their production techniques and sharing firsthand insights from their musical journey. Elevate your craft and discover what sets Blue Lab Beats apart in shaping the future of music.

Namali Kwaten – Producer at Blue Lab Beats
David Mrakpor – Multi Instrumentalist at Blue Lab Beats