Music and Democracy Unite: New dates for Africa Rising Music Conference 2024 in honor of 30 Years of South African democracy

Johannesburg, South Africa – In a glowing showcase of African music and its global impact, Africa Rising Music Conference (ARMC) 2024 is set to take place from May 27th to 28th. Originally set for May 28th and 29th, ARMC’s dates have been shifted to accommodate the 2024 General National and Provincial elections announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa for May 29th. This adjustment ensures participants can be fully immersed in the conference and still exercise their democratic rights.

ARMC has recently joined the Federation of Music Conferences as the first African music conference, solidifying its position as a leading platform for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. This year ARMC builds further on its rich history of hosting renowned artists such as Boohle, Moblack, Natasha Chansa, Blindsmyth, Rose Bonica, and El Mukuka.

Namakau Star, recently announced as Co-Owner and Creative Lead of ARMC, highlighted the conference’s commitment to democracy and the future aspirations of its community. “Adjusting our conference dates not only respects the electoral process but also ensures our attendees and speakers have an uninterrupted experience of growth, networking and inspiration,” stated Namakau Star.

What to Expect at ARMC 2024

Hosted in the lively Newtown precinct of Johannesburg – and anticipating six new venue partners, including AMPD Studios and City Lodge Hotel among others still to be announced – ARMC aims to connect music executives, artists, and enthusiasts with the tools and knowledge to advance in the music industry. The event boasts a comprehensive program, featuring workshops by Yamaha and Ableton, as well as panel discussions with speakers from local and international heavyweight industry players, among them Samro,  Cotton Fest, Bassline Festival and the Association for Electronic Music. It promises a wealth of learning and networking opportunities.

Introducing the ARMC 2024 Ambassadors

ARMC proudly announces its 2024 ambassadors – distinguished figures who embody the spirit and dynamism of the African music scene. Creative director 

and founder of TR Concepts Tsholo Rabotsho; Delta The Leo, a multifaceted artist;  Lula Odiba, representing YFM and Channel O; and Ms Party, a renowned DJ/artist, have been selected for their impactful contributions and leadership within the music community. These ambassadors will play a pivotal role in amplifying the voices of femme and queer individuals, further enriching the conference’s diverse and inclusive ethos. More information on the ambassadors can be found here“The most incredible privilege you can ever be called to experience is to work with others, to serve others, that’s what being a part of this programme means to me. With my influence, I look forward to cultivating fruitful relationships to further pioneer female leadership and impactful collaboration. Here’s to taking Africa to the rest of the world!”Tsholo Rabotsho (Creative Director, Founder – TR Concepts)

A Gateway to International Exchange

This year’s conference emphasizes partnerships with the United Kingdom and the PRS Foundation, showcasing ARMC’s role in fostering international collaboration and exchange. By integrating with global music ecosystems, ARMC sets the stage for a richer, more interconnected music industry.

Accessibility and Inclusion Initiatives

In light of the rescheduled conference dates and in celebration of 30 Years of Democracy in South Africa, ARMC is rolling out phase 1 tickets with a special offer: free entry for the first 200 registered attendees. Additionally, refunds will be issued to those who had previously purchased tickets. This initiative underscores ARMC’s commitment to broadening access to the conference, ensuring everyone can partake in this exceptional opportunity for professional development and community involvement.

A Lineup of Esteemed Speakers and Partners

The anticipation is building as ARMC unveils the initial speakers and partners for the 2024 conference. Celebrated personalities such as Busiswa (artist), Maps Maponyane (TV Presenter, actor) DJ Buhle (artist), Josephine Zwaan (Rosetta.), Dominic Mcnabb (drummer), PHODII (Beatport), Charlotte Bwana (AudioMack),  D.O. Gibson (Northstarr Entertainment Inc), Monde Mtyolo (SAMRO) and Zothani Vilakazi (National Arts Council) are among the first to be announced, promising an event filled with insightful discussions and presentations. Confirmed media partners Music In Africa, TRACE TV and HYPE Magazine are set to enhance the conference experience, further solidifying ARMC’s position as a leading platform for music industry professionals.

“At HYPE, we stand for the development of youth in creative and related fields. Our partnership with the Africa Rising Music Conference is welcomed, as our interests are aligned. We are proud to be associated with an esteemed organization that speaks for the under-represented stakeholders in the broader media and music industry.”- Lesiba Mankga (HYPE Mag)

For additional details on ARMC 2024, including how to register and updates on the program, please visit our official website.  

About Africa Rising Music Conference

The Africa Rising Music Conference is a premier annual event that unites music industry professionals from across Africa and beyond. Serving as a catalyst for collaboration, innovation, and growth, ARMC is dedicated to celebrating African music and its influence on the global stage. Through its diverse programming and inclusive atmosphere, the conference encourages creativity, networking, and professional development, contributing to the advancement of the African music industry.

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Save the date: 27th & 28th May 2024

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