Powered by ARMC | Ms Party | Interview by Reggie Rasodi

Meet Ms Party, a talented creative entrepreneur who wears many hats in the entertainment industry. As a talented DJ and TV producer, he seamlessly blends his passion for music with his keen eye for visual storytelling. Today, Ms Party takes center stage as the spotlight artist on #ReggiesMusicRush. With his innovative approach to both sound and visuals, Ms Party always captivates audiences. Today’s focus is on the chart-topping hit “Kings x Queens,” a track that has left an indelible mark on the African music scene. Ms Party’s unique perspective and artistic vision have played a pivotal role in shaping this sensation. Let’s unravels the tale behind the beats, discovering the creative alchemy that transformed “Kings x Queens” into a resounding success.

Hey Ms Party, thank you for taking the time to allow us to have a chat with you about this iconic single. So firstly, what inspired the creation of this single?

I wanted a bop for the gay community. I also wanted to solidify my stage name as Ms Party.

Straight to the point, love it. Well, mission successful because the single did exactly that. Can you share the story or concept behind the lyrics of the song?

Josiah and I had long had a back and forth with beats. I then met Lady Du who suggested we do a song for the dolls. One morning Josiah said I should come check the new beats and I invited Lady Du. I told Lady Du how I need this song to solidify my stage name as Ms Party and how queer people must have an anthem. With Josiah, I sent references of the style I like. I like his music a lot and it was mostly his own more upbeat tracks that were reference. Once we were in studio, everything just came together and this song was born.

How does this single differ from your previous work?

This was my debut single which would set the tone for who I want to be, musically.

Okay, I see. Were there any specific challenges or breakthrough moments during the production process?

Not at all. It felt like predestination because everything came together smoothly.

How do you hope listeners will connect with or interpret the message of the song?

I just love when queer people connect to the “Kings and Queens” lyric. It could be anyone.

Are there any particular emotions or experiences you aimed to evoke with this release?


I’m going to assume gay pride. Did you experiment with any new techniques or musical elements in this single?

The song feels like pop-piano. It’s not traditional hard piano but gives an idea of Amapiano, specifically Sgija, as pop music.