We had a conversation with Nkululeko Zilibokwe, who is the Managing Director of Triple Double Media, an agency that focuses on providing unique and creative marketing strategies for the music, film and entertainment industries. Triple Double Media specialize in public relations and talent management, and have a diverse range of clients and companies across Africa…and is a partner of Africa Rising Music Conference! 

Read the inverview below…

Q: Tell us a bit about your background, the inspiration behind Triple Double Media and how has your background influenced your work in the industry?

A: My background spans various sectors within the media and public relations sectors. I have worked as a journalist and in public relations for the past nine years and my time in the upper echelons has given me a bird’s eye view of the African showbiz scene. 

Triple Double Media was created with the goal of empowering artists and entertainers to tell their own stories and control their own narratives. I saw a need for a company that would help artists, organizations, and entertainers across Africa to gain more control over how their stories are told and help them gain more visibility by connecting them with the relevant target audiences. 

As a former journalist, my background has been instrumental in shaping my approach to working in the music industry. Specifically, my training and experience in journalism have taught me to be a critical thinker, a clear communicator, and a storyteller.

Overall, my background in journalism has given me a strong foundation in skills that are relevant to a wide range of industries and professions. Whether working in marketing, public relations, or another field, I feel confident that my experiences serve as a strong foundation.

Q: What have you learned throughout your journey as the founder of Triple Double Media?

A: Throughout my years of experience, I have to say the most important aspect has been building strong relationships with clients and other stakeholders and treating them with respect, showing genuine care, and considering their needs and perspectives. Empathy is the key to achieving this, as it allows me to approach every interaction with an open mind and better understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by each client.

By practicing empathy and tailoring my messaging and strategies accordingly, I can build trust and credibility with key stakeholders, resulting in more positive outcomes and results for everyone involved. Empathy is an essential tool for success in public relations, as it allows us to develop strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients and other stakeholders.

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job?

A: One of the aspects of my job that brings me the most joy is the opportunity to assist individuals and clients in achieving success. Witnessing their growth and evolution as a result of collaborating with us is particularly rewarding.

Q: Africa Rising Music Conference is focused on promoting and empowering African artists, what motivated you to support/ be a part of this event?

A: The mission of Triple Double Media is to assist African artists in their endeavors, and the Africa Rising Music Conference is a perfect fit for this mission. Therefore, when SJ reached out, it was an easy decision to participate. Supporting the growth of the African music scene and helping artists to diversify the music industry by building bridges and creating opportunities for talented individuals were significant motivators to be a part of this conference.

Q: In your opinion what makes Africa Rising music conference unique from other conferences?

  • Inclusivity and diversity: The conference strives to create a platform that is inclusive and diverse, welcoming artists, industry professionals, and fans from across the African continent and beyond. This focus on inclusivity and diversity is not always present in other music conferences.
  • Local context and knowledge: The conference is organized and run by individuals with a deep understanding of the local music scene and cultural context in Africa. This knowledge and expertise are leveraged to create programming that is relevant and impactful for African artists.
  • Innovative programming: The Africa Rising Music Conference includes a range of innovative programming, such as live performances, workshops, and panel discussions, that are designed to support the growth and success of African music.
  • Building Bridges: The conference provides ample opportunities for artists and industry professionals to network and connect with each other, fostering collaborations and partnerships that can help to drive the growth of the African music industry.

Overall, the Africa Rising Music Conference is unique from other conferences in its exclusive focus on amplifying female voices, its commitment to inclusivity and diversity, its local context and knowledge, its innovative programming, and its networking opportunities for artists and industry professionals.

Q: We would like to hear your thoughts on how events like ARMC can help shape the way the world sees African music and culture?

A: Events like the Africa Rising Music Conference can play a significant role in shaping the way the world sees African music and culture in a number of ways:

  • Showcasing African talent: The conference provides a platform for African artists to showcase their talent to a wider audience, helping to dispel stereotypes and misconceptions about African music and culture.
  • Celebrating diversity: By highlighting the diversity of African music and culture, the conference can help to promote a more nuanced and accurate understanding of the continent and its people.
  • Creating opportunities for collaboration: The conference provides opportunities for African artists to collaborate with artists and industry professionals from around the world, fostering cross-cultural exchange and dialogue.

Overall, the Africa Rising Music Conference can help to shape the way the world sees African music and culture by promoting greater understanding, appreciation, and investment in the African music industry and the talented artists who are driving its growth and success.

Q: What advice would you give your younger self? 

A: So many, but I would say:  TRUST THE PROCESS, this means letting go and having faith that things will eventually work out in their own time. For instance, trusting the process in your career means that while you aren’t exactly where you imagined being, you’re working your way to getting there.