After a 5-week selection process with a top-tier selection of applicants to choose from, we are thrilled to announce that the candidates from this year’s focus territories, Germany and Zambia, have been selected and they will be attending this years Africa Rising Music Conference. Both territories have vibrant music scenes that have been gaining recognition in recent years, and if you want to learn more about them, ARMC is providing the perfect platform for you to do so.

Berlin, the capital city of Germany, has long been known for its thriving electronic music scene. The city is home to some of the world’s most renowned clubs and festivals and has been a hub for innovation in electronic music for decades. In recent years, Berlin has also seen a rise in the popularity of hip-hop and alternative music, making it a diverse and exciting musical city.

Zambia, on the other hand, has a rich and diverse musical heritage that is rooted in traditional African rhythms and melodies. The country has produced a number of notable musicians in recent years, including the likes of Roberto, Jay Rox, and Chef 187, who are popular for the fusion of traditional African sounds with contemporary genres such as hip-hop and R&B.

Africa Rising Music Conference will feature discussions and workshops on the music scenes of both Germany and Zambia. The conference will bring together industry professionals, artists, and stakeholders to share their knowledge and experiences to explore opportunities for collaboration and growth. In addition to the discussions and workshops, the conference will also feature performances from some of the most exciting artists from both territories. This will provide attendees with an opportunity to experience the music firsthand and to connect with the artists and their communities.

Overall, we promise to be an exciting and informative event for anyone interested in the African music industry. With a focus on Germany and Zambia, attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the music scenes in these territories and to explore opportunities for collaboration and growth. Stay tuned in for a further deep dive on each territory expand your mind and gain more knowledge.