The Africa Rising Music Conference Team is proud to announce its partnership with the Berlin Music Commission & Berlin Partner for this year’s conference, which will take place on May 23rd and 24th at Hallmark House in Johannesburg. This collaboration will bring together industry professionals from Germany and Africa, providing a platform for cross-continental cooperation and fostering a deeper understanding of the African music industry. Delegates from Berlin are set to share their unique perspectives and insights, contributing to a diverse and stimulating conversation at this year’s event. Full delegation here

The German music industry has experienced impressive growth, expanding by 6.1% and generating over 2 billion euros in 2022. This success highlights the potential for further growth in the German music market. An exciting opportunity for German artists and industry professionals has emerged through a new project, offering a platform to showcase their talent and connect with their counterparts in Africa and around the world. This collaboration will not only help these artists expand their fanbase, but also build a sustainable network of industry professionals for future success. The project aims to facilitate a unique cultural exchange and provide a valuable opportunity for creative collaboration on a global scale.

Since our establishment in 2016 we recognize the importance of building bridges to foster cross continental cooperation and promote an understanding of the vibrant Southern African music market. To this end, the conference has partnered with the Berlin Music Commission and Berlin Partner  to host the delegation in Johannesburg that will further enhance these building bridges goals. Topics, attendees and speakers of the conference will be released end of April. 

“We support the Africa Rising Music Conference delegation to connect professionals from Berlin’s music industry with global music industry leaders, promote collaboration, and create positive change through music. This conference provides a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations from South Africa and Berlin to exchange ideas and insights, and foster meaningful collaborations that can help promote the vibrant and diverse music scene in both regions.“ 

  • Tim Joppien, International Project Manager Berlin Music Commission 

Berlin Ambassadors: