We are excited to announce the ARMC22 Ambassadorship Program and would like to start by introducing our 1st very special Ambassador Anyiko Owoko – welcome on board. Anyiko has over ten years of experience in the music industry, which led her to become one of the most influential women in the music industry. Over her career, she worked in Sauti Sol, Coke Studio Africa, and more. In 2017, she founded Anyiko PR, a PR Agency with focus on highlighting African achievement through the robust arts and culture scene. 

Anyiko will be traveling from Kenya to Africa Rising Music Conference. She curated a special list for us, which you can listen to here. Below, you can read what Anyiko told us in preparation for the upcoming ARMC22.

Q: A quote on why you are so passionate through the work that you are involved in.

A: I am very passionate in the work I do – representing creatives and making Africa stars because it’s what I love to do. But above that, there’s just too much talent and potential in the creative sector and the faster we all realize that and invest in artists and creatives, the faster we will realize the development of our industry and the continent at large. African art and artists make such unique authentic and diverse content and just being involved in this is so gratifying. Music and culture complete me and make me whole. Everyday is a pleasure to do my work.

Q: What does the slogan “Africa Your Time is Now” means to you when you hear it?

A: It means Africa’s time is literally now. Opportunities and gateways are opened more than ever. Barriers continue to be broken– so it’s the most prime time to GO!

Q: Why do you think an event like ARMC is important for the African / EU market as a whole? 

A: Limitations of international travel due to the pandemic have weakened the African-European connections and hampered various activities. ARMC is vital in reinforcing the mutually beneficial connections between the industry in Africa and Europe and it’s doing this by creating a meeting point for various music executives and professionals to exchange knowledge, contacts and cutting edge ideas.

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