Meet Namakau Star: rising voice in music and 2023 Africa Rising Music Conference Ambassador

Africa Rising Music Conference continues to put a spotlight on emerging women in the music business. We are intentional about the steps we take to amplify their voices as we recognize the value it brings to our rapidly evolving industry. With a notable ambassador program which has seen female game changers from around the world such as Anyiko Okowo, Tumi Mogapi, Money Badoo & Dieuwertje Heuvelings, we are proud to have such a strong line of women giving the best of their expertise in this informative exchange.

With the 2023 conference on the horizon, we are proud to announce the first delegate of our Ambassador program: Namakau Star, who has proven to be a noteworthy creative force in South Africa for her ability to conceptually connect with her audience visually and sonically. Beyond music, Namakau boasts a bright writing career in the world of marketing as she is an award-winning Copywriter for her work with TymeBank. 

 With her extensive experience as an independent artist, she has contributed immensely not just through her art but through her knowledge as well; this can be noted through her guest appearance at Fame Week Africa as a panelist speaker for two panel conversations, representing independent women in music. She has also worked closely with She Said So South Africa as an attendee and contributor at Spotify’s Equal Masterclass. 

Other noteworthy achievements include hosting music writing master classes for upcoming musicians in her community, conducting a national tour in South Africa and making her international debut on WorldWide FM. Her partnership with Paradise Sound System has put her at the forefront of changing the face of music representation in Africa and with her intentional approach to creativity she sets her sights on leading and inspiring those who experience her to become their most authentic selves.

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