We had the opportunity to catch up with one of Cape Towns finest budding voices, she is soulful, unique and living in her truth, here is what she had tp say about her journey so far.

What is your original hometown & your current residency place?

 I grew up in Gqeberha, South Africa but I am now currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Tell us the meaning of your artist name and how it reflects who you are as a creative person?

The name “KhiweG” comes from my birth name, Malakhiwe Grootboom. “Khiwe” is a nickname that I remember my grandfather being the first to call me by. The “G” is me honouring my father and grandmother and carry them through my music. I could not have thought of a more meaningful name. 

How many years have you been doing music for and what is the most fulfilling part about being a musician?

 I discovered that I could sing when I was extremely young. I joined the school choir at the age of 8 years and I stayed there up until the end of high school. That was around the time where I knew I had to follow the musical path and I recorded my first song in 2021. This has been the most content I have felt about anything. I am grateful that my music has captured dozens of hearts and that people connect to it the way that they do. My grandparents love my music as well. These are the most fulfilling parts about being a musician: My contentment, the connection people have with KhiweG’s music and story, my grandparents’ love. 

With all of your experience as an artist what would you say are the biggest challenges in the music industry right now? 

The biggest challenge in my eyes as a Town artist, there are limited producers who can make my sound. There aren’t a lot of studios that open their doors for new upcoming talent. This then causes a struggle to find a place of recording and to showcase it. 

Why is representation important in the music industry?

 Music is an incredibly spiritual and powerful form of art that has been around since the beginning of time. It is important that everyone is seen and recognised through it. Music is a special way of communicating. It conveys messages from our ancestors and it allows us to get in touch with our highest selves. 

Message to your younger self? 

Don’t stress too much about what people think about you. It all works out in the end. You finally do what you’re passionate about and come into yourself. 

What role do you feel that the Africa Rising Music Conference plays in the greater conversation of music? 

The genuine bridging of Africa, its artists with the rest of the world. This is something that the music industry has been waiting to happen. The conversations that’ll be had will be building the connection and helping African artists reach new heights because there are true gems in this continent that deserve their share of spotlight in the world.