We got a chance to connect with the talented emerging voice from Cape Town, who exudes soulfulness, individuality and authenticity. Read on to discover what Abeluw said about her journey so far!

What is your original hometown & your current residency place?

I was born in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) in South Africa. At the age of 8 I moved to Gauteng (GP) but now I currently reside in Cape Town (CPT).

Tell us the meaning of your artist name and how it reflects who you are as a creative person? 

My name is an interesting one I love speaking about because I usually just tell people that it is my name. Which is technically the truth but with a bit of a twist.

Abeluw comes from Bulelwa. Bulelwa is my second name which means being thankful in isiXhosa, and as a typical artist I became creative. I did not want to let go the essence of who I am in my artist name so I looked within and took my second name and spelt it in alphabetical order and Abeluw came to be. Adapting to Abeluw did not take much time at all. It was an interesting shift and a new beginning I was excited for.

As mentioned above I did not want to lose my sense of being so my name defines my approach to creativity. I love taking what’s known and adding my sense of individuality to it. I explore with different sounds and genres to create my sound, my wave. You could say that how I approached my artist name is how I approach life. I remix everything.

How many years have you been doing music for and what is the most fulfilling part about being a musician? 

I love this question because previously I would have answered saying I started doing music in 2020 when Abeluw starting making her own music. However, that’s completely incorrect. My music journey began at the age 6 when I sang in school choirs, performed in talent shows, rehearsed endlessly with my vocal coach and leading choirs in high school. My love for music was nurtured from a very young age and I grew with the same passion ever since.

From my journey, I would definitely say that the most fulfilling part of being a musician is seeing how your music evokes emotion and how it appreciated by the consumers. I’ve had people come to me crying after a performance expressing their appreciation of being the voice they did not have and that is what I do this for. To make people feel, people need to feel.

With all of your experience as an artist what would you say are the biggest challenges in the music industry right now?

Breaking into the industry as a black woman. There is a specific criteria that the industry has placed for woman in general and if one does not meet that criteria then getting your foot in the door requires extra hustle. That does become discouraging at times but my drive and passion overcomes any obstacles placed before me.

Why is representation important in the music industry?

Representation creates a sense of diversity. Diversity provides a platform for inclusion. Inclusion evokes belonging and inspiration. Inspiration expands the industry and introduces uniqueness which, in the long run, stimulates growth in the music industry. Representation in all forms matters!

Message to your younger self?

Girl you are doing alright! Continue fighting for your dream. Life really becomes interesting in your musical journey ❤️

What role do you feel that the Africa Rising Music Conference plays in the greater conversation of music?

African rising music creates a platform for artists to express themselves in their truest form. This platform introduces us to many varies artists and engages us in valuable conversations regarding the music industry and music business. This valuable knowledge educates a nation of creatives and I’m so grateful to be an inclusion in it all.