Interview by ARMC | Edited by Reggie Rasodi

November ushered in a unique voice originating from Pretoria, commonly knows as “Pitori”, one of the hit makers of “Phone Yam’. We had the opportunity to have a chat with her and she had quite a lot to share about her journey in the music industry so far.

Please introduce yourself and share a little about your musical journey?

I am Miss Pammie also known as Des Baby. I was born and raised in Pretoria but I am currently living in Johannesburg. I am an upcoming amapiano/dance artist who is known for having a unique voice and great with chants and amazing hooks. I was once in a duo called Banaba Des that did amazing things within the first year in the game. Did an East African tour where we went 4 countries (Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan & Zanzibar) in 10 days and it went so well but it also helped me grow as an artist especially when it came to live performances. We worked on songs like Phone Yam by Alfa Kat & the most viewed amapiano song on YouTube “ Big Flexa by Costa Titch. When the song with Costa came out I had already started focusing on rebranding as a solo artist. It has its challenges especially when you’re also a new mom but none of those hurdles will stop me from reaching the world with my music as I am working on new music with amazing artists to drop my first EP as a solo artist.

You have had an intriguing music career so far, what motivated you to choose music?

I have always been in the creative space because I used to model and do some influencing gigs while I was in varsity studying PR. Music & fashion were always a space I felt like myself so when I was in varsity I decided to finally start working on my own music but at the time I didn’t see it as something I would do as a profession because I was scared to take that leap of faith. I then met Alfa Kat who encouraged me to join the duo, things started moving more into taking this journey professionally and I don’t regret it at all because now I work professionally in a creative space, bringing my own unique fashion and adding what I’ve learned while studying PR into helping me grow my own brand!

Please share a moment when you felt empowered as a woman in the music industry, and how did it shape your career?

During the time I was in the group, within a year being in the game, an international blog/online magazine called “ OkayAfrica” recognized us as the new kids in the music industry in the same article that mentioned big female artist like Shasha, Boohle, Kamo Mphela & so many more. That was so encouraging for me because it made me feel like I am seen in the same light as people I aspire to be one day and that made me choose to take this journey much more serious that I decided even if I go solo I have the will talent to make it in this industry.

We strongly believe that representation matters. How has the concept of representation influenced your career, and what approach do you aspire to adopt in the music industry to serve as a positive example for future generations?

When growing up as the “black sheep” in the family who was more creative rather than someone who wanted to get a profession and work a 9-5. I didn’t feel heard a lot of times and that is something that I’ve grown to realize that women & the LGBTQ++ community also share the same sentiment – to be heard & fully express themselves with no judgment. For me that is something I also make sure I incorporate in my music and visuals. And it’s so beautiful to see that those communities are actually my biggest supporters so it shows me that I am on the right path and I will keep incorporating women, body positivity, & the LGBTQ++ in my music because the world is changing and as long as I can help a minimum of one child to feel heard or seen or even feel like “ I am not alone.”, then I believe I have achieved my goal.

Collaboration is key in the music world and you mentioned that the music industry is male dominated. . Could you tell us about a memorable collaboration with another talented woman and what you learned from the experience?

In my upcoming E.P wanted to make sure I worked with more females because I believe that we really need women to stick together more because we truly are more powerful in numbers. I worked with one of the biggest female artists in the game who is not only big locally but internationally. Funny enough when the year started I created a bucket list of all the artists I wished to work with before the year ends and she was on top of that list so to be in her space, and work with her was truly an honor & a dream come true. Not only did we work on music but she gave me such great advice to not over think things. She also mentioned that when the music & lyrics come from the heart, all you can do is create from the heart, release the music and let it go because you have no control on how the masses will react however you will be able to say “I made it from the heart”. So in true essence she taught me to not overthink things which I believe a lot of creatives and artists struggle with. It is overthrowing because you want your work to hit the charts, do great on TikTok, have great streams etc. So in my upcoming E.P I’ve used the same sentiment. To not overthink & let the music come from the heart.