With August marking the celebration of Women’s Month in South Africa, we are shining the light on Kamo Mailula – an extraordinary woman making waves in the music and entertainment field. Through her determination and fervor, she is a game-changer, inspiring a fresh generation in the industry.

Please introduce yourself and share a little about your musical journey?

I perform multiple roles including artist manager, event coordinator, and communication & social media manager in the music and entertainment realm. Plus, I DJ! My journey began as someone with a deep love for music, ultimately deciding to pursue it as a career in 2020.

Please talk about a woman in the music industry who inspired or influenced you?

Sakhe Motshoene, known professionally as Lady Sakhe, has been a major source of inspiration to me. As an entrepreneurial DJ, she has her own event solutions company, created popular events such as ‘Deep Soul Sensation’ & ‘Kream Groove’ and initiated ‘Dance Music Summit.’ Lady Sakhe and her partner have served as invaluable mentors, providing me with the chance to manage social media for their events. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities she has unlocked for me, and numerous others.

Representation matters. How important do you believe it is for young girls to see successful women in the music industry?

It’s vitally important for young girls to see victorious women in the music industry. It shatters gender stereotypes and fosters resilience, thereby encouraging them to chase their dreams. Moreover, it creates a sense of community, advocates for equality, and strengthens the belief in their capacity.

Collaboration is key in the music world. Could you tell us about a memorable collaboration with another talented woman and what you learned from the experience?

Working alongside Iris Sishi in 2017 on the ‘Women Of Deep’ movement on Twitter, was an unforgettable endeavor. Through this collaboration, we pushed into the spotlight talented women artists like Jackie Queens, Desiree, Sio, Thandi Draai, Puretonic and Lady Sakhe by hosting all-women panels and line-ups. The rewarding opportunity of promoting these professionals and watching them flourish was a great learning experience.

The music industry tends to be rather demanding. How do you maintain mental wellness while operating within this realm?

Managing mental wellness within the music industry’s demanding environment involves establishing personal boundaries, taking necessary breaks, and leaning into my support system for emotional assistance. Mindfulness, indulging in hobbies outside of work and reaching out for professional help when required also contribute positively to my mental wellbeing. Remembering to maintain a positive outlook on my passions and understand the necessity of self-care is crucial.

What message would you like to share with other women in any industry?

You can conquer greatness, unbounded by any limits. Celebrate your uniqueness, uplift each other, and voice your thoughts loud and clear. Foster belief in yourself, demonstrate resilience, and chase your dreams unrestrained. Together, we all hold the power to craft the world innovatively.

Summarizing, Kamo Mailula’s steadfast contributions, combined with her unmatched passion, duly magnify her positive impact within the music and entertainment arena. Her journey successfully emphasizes that representation plays a vital role. Collectively, we have the strength to shape the world creatively through sheer determination