Powered by ARMC | Mikhalé Jones | Interview by Reggie Rasodi

Mikhalé Jones is a multi-talented artist whose prowess extends across the realms of singing, songwriting, content creation, and modeling. Recognized for her exceptional talents, she emerged triumphant as the winner of #MTNPulseVirals season 1, showcasing her captivating abilities in the competitive world of viral music content. With a unique blend of musical artistry and visual appeal, Mikhalé continues to make waves as a versatile and dynamic force in the entertainment industry. Join our communications lead, Reggie Rasodi, as he catches up with the latest release – BE LIKE ME by Mikhalé Jones.

Heeeeey superstar, thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to get to know more about your single so let’s get right into it: What inspired the creation of this single?

So in this song I get to have fun and troll my trolls. For the most part, I wanted to do something different than what I usually do (sing), something more for the internet (playful).

You’re giving us short and simple this morning I see; can you share the concept or story behind the lyrics of the song?

My mother always used to say, “The girls who bully you are just jealous of you”.

And you know what? Your mama was definitely right. How does this single differ from your previous work?

My last album showed a softer side to me. The version of me that was heartbroken and focused on “him”, what “he” did and how “he” made me feel. With this single I am introducing a more self-indulgent era. Which aligns perfectly because I am back to being an independent artist, where I have full control of my creativity.

We like a girlie that takes challenges that life throws at her and make the most out of the lessons it comes with. Speaking of challenges, were there any specific breakthrough moments during the production process?

Truth is I was never planning on dropping this song as an official single. But after experiencing successful performances (Queer day, Caramel Sundae, etc.) and a win in MTN pulse virals season 1, It had to be released as a “THANK YOU” to everyone who’s appreciated it.

Can you talk about the collaboration involved in creating this single, if any?

I collaborated with YOSHI YUKI, my current favorite producer.

Did you experiment with any new techniques or musical elements in this single?

I say in the 2nd verse “ B*.. I don’t rap” But that’s exactly what I did in this song cause like I said, I wanted to be a mean girl too.

How has your personal growth or experiences influenced the creation of this particular piece?

The confidence in myself, shows. I’ve been apologetic about a lot of things including the creative process of my work. I’m bored of it now. I’m free from the label too, so NO-ONE is holding me back from releasing exactly what I want to release! Feels like I finally got my power back.

Last but not least: What role does visual art play in complementing the message of the single, if applicable?

The music video shows how I go about my business as a creative but now my bullies are online and no longer in the classroom next door.