Does Night time safety contribute to the greater conversation of a fair and sustainable Global Night Time Community?

With night time spaces playing an integral role in how we experience art, culture and community, without these spaces many cultures and subcultures would cease to exist, many genres would not have emerged and many culture shifts may have not happened. So this begs the question, what are we doing to ensure that our night time communities and the people in them are protected at all costs?  

In South Africa night time safety challenges look different to the rest of the world and we recognize that those who are most affected by inadequate support and safety measures are women and gender minorities. With our awareness of problems such as gender based violence, gentrification, and a lack of resources to support and uplift local art communities we believe that it is our responsibility to remain on the pulse of change and stand with those who seek to make it.  We’re rising up for a better future  with Vibe Lab & The Night Time Manifesto is a global collective pledge that has clear intentions, for the betterment of night time communities.

So what does this mean for us as a women led organisation like Africa Rising Music Conference? 

ARMC is a platform that seeks to represent, include, and advance future females in the music business. With a nighttime showcase that is part of our daytime event: we are looking to take learnings from international territories that have led the conversation and push the agenda forward by making it a focus topic at next year’s conference to encourage everyone who is a part of the night time community to sign this MANIFESTO and be a part of the revolution..