We are excited to announce our fourth Ambassador on the ARMC program for 2022- Money Badoo,  Welcome on board! Money Badoo is a South African rapper, singer-songwriter, model, and fashion fanatic. She is well known for her sultry vocals and solid bars. Money Badoo is a creative maestro who’s take on hip-hop, R&B, and all rhythms in between shatters the world’s myopic view of music from Africa.

Money Badoo’s debut single ‘All My Friends’ served as her first introduction to the industry, with a global feature on ‘The Ebro Show’. She also dropped a joint EP titled “MK-Ultra” with South Africa’s rising star, Sauwcy. Her latest release, “47K$” featuring Ricky Tyler, speaks about intoxicated love, chemistry and intimacy. Money Badoo is currently working on her debut album, and it is definitely one to watch.

She has taken over and added some tunes to our ARMC Playlist on Spotify. You can read our interview with her in preparation for the Conference, below. We hope you enjoy it!

Q: Please take us through your journey in the music industry so far. What keeps you inspired and motivated to push forward?

MB: started making music in 2016 and ultimately never ever looked back, it’s been a crazy journey filled with growth, lessons and many blessings, seeing how far I’ve come and have yet to go is what keeps me motivated and the mere love and passion for the art I make contribute to what still excites me about the career path that chose me. 

Q: What drives your passion as an artist/performer and how do you apply your style and fashion sense in your overall brand? 

MB: I guess literally seeing how my life has changed, being able to create art that changes the lives of other people too, feels like a fulfilling purpose more than just a dream I’m pursuing, like I’m doing exactly what I was meant to do with my time here on Earth. I’m just being myself and I think that’s what my brand is, whether it be fashion or overall creativity, I focus on what’s me and how do I put my best foot forward. 

Q: What does the slogan “Africa Your Time is Now” mean to you? 

MB: I think the world is finally open and receptive to all we are and have to offer. And I mean ofcourse there are many controversies and reasons why only now the world wants to brand us as “Africa’s Time is now” but I choose to focus on the positive so I’m just happy that artists from the continent of Africa are being seen, heard and essentially taking over the world! 

Q: Do you think that women are being represented enough within the music scene in SA? If not, why, and what can we do collectively to change this?

MB: I do think that there is finally a big shift happening for women in the music scene, which is thanks to so many strong amazing women who have been dominating the scene in many ways for years and essentially paving the way for all of us, I’m happy to see so many more female djs, artists and creatives flourishing but I do think that we still have a lot to do, in terms of the changing the mindset of how women are seen & overly sexualised by the male gaze in South Africa. One step at a time I guess. 

Q: Why do you think an event like ARMC is an important one for the African / EU market as a whole? 

MB: opening up the conversation and closing the gap for sure! 

Q: Who is your favorite African artist currently and why? 

MB: so many! Amaarae , Tems, Ayra Starr, to name a few.

Q: To end the interview, can you leave us with a motivational quote for anyone who might be struggling to get their music career off the ground, and for someone who is interested in pursuing a career in the music industry as a beginner? 

MB: dala what you must.

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